1. What are the computer requirements?
You and your employees simply need a computer, tablet, or smart phone connects to the Internet.

2. Where can my employees or I use the system?
You can use the system from anywhere in the world. TimeClo is Internet based. Employees can be locked down to one or multiple computers, tablets and smart phones as well as to certain networks or certain GPS zones if you want.

3. My employees have little or no computer experience.
TimeClo is designed with the concept of "no instructions required". It is very intuitive and simple to use.

4. Do you backup my data?
YES, we backup all data on a nightly basis.

5. Do you offer support?
YES, we offer FREE email support and upgrades for as long as you use the service. Free technical support is available to all users.

6. My business is small, do you offer free using?
If you don't need the advanced features, you will never need to pay anything. FREE PLAN is available to all size businesses, unlimited managers, unlimited employees, unlimited devices, unlimited jobs and unlimit shifts.

7. If this is a web based free service, why is there a download available?
You can use web browsers to access full features of the system. But native apps in Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android will give you a better experience.

8. Do I have to have a web camera at the beginning?
You don't have to have a web camera to use our service. You can enable or disable web camera any time you want.

9. Every time I do clocking I got a different Device ID. How do I avoid my Device ID keeps changing?
We use 'cookie' in the web browser to store the Device ID. We recommend you to check if your web browser enable cookie. Or, you can just install our native apps for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. Here is the download page.

10. How to convert MS Excel file to Adobe PDF file?
You can open the Excel file with Microsoft Excel and then click the menu item "save as ..." to save to a PDF file.

For more questions, please contact us.